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Special day: change smells like blueberries

Today im was painting the last bits of my new room, change always feels good in the end,
i was tired and wanted to try the wax melt from yankee candles i got in MAM on easter.
We went there to have lunch in family and then we got some cute things from the shops in there,
among them this melt wax, i actually bought it thinking it was a candle haha,
but after trying -unsuccessfully- to light it up and searching in the website it ended up
being a wax tart you heat in a little oven with a tea candle.
It smells delicious, i only used 1/6 of it because i thought it might be too much to use half,
and i was right, the smell is not overwhelming but there is not need to use more,
just a little piece is enough too fill a room with a sweet blueberry scent.

Its the first time i use a wax tart and the first time i get anything from yankee candle,
and im not dissapointed, the hype over their products is justified.
The only down side i can think of is the price (i paid twice the online price),
but since you use pieces instead of melting it all at once
 it ends up being so cheap it doesnt make sense.
How it makes you feel and how much you spend makes it totally worth it,
i would buy these even if they were usa$8 each. No regrets.

Im getting more of these in the future and im totally giving these to my friends,
now i want everyone to try them haha. The candles might be expensive,
but the wax tarts are perfectly priced.

I hope you get to try them and love these as much as i do!