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My view on: Beyoncé's video and song 7/11

There is so much stir about this and i didnt even want to say a thing because really,
discussing this is a waste of time but i read so much gibberish in the youtube comments
(i know we shouldnt read them but i did...)
i have to give my opinion even when its just my opinion.
But first if you haven seen the video here it is.
What is it?
a video where Beyonce dances and sings with other girls and records with a camera

My opinion about it:
''I cant help but think you are missing the point.
She makes music because thats what she loves, and there is fun to it, making it is fun, she is beyonce, and we expect glamour and fireworks, but at the same time she is human, has fun and sings and dances with her friends like we all do, this video is silly and casual but thats the point.
She can be all that at the same time, the expectations of queen B and what she is are not contraries.
She has nothing to prove no anyone, she has it all and still can have fun dancing in pajamas
and thats what we should take from this, to me this video is refreshing and im glad it was made.''

My comment will get lost in the coment section, with all the hate and spam
 but it doesnt matter because it here now and i can go back to listening to the song.