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Site wishlist: things from Ebay

I know ebay is a platform were different sellers have their stores and making 
an ebay wishlist is kinda ambiguous.. but ebay is still the site hosting all of that so, yeah.

Everything has the link to the listing and a link to the seller, 
so if a listing has ended you can go to the store and search for the new listing,
instead of having you redirected to a dead end.
(they are all lovely so i want them all)
Listing of the purple one / Seller / Price US$8.10
Listing / Seller / US$4.99                         Listing / Seller / Price US$3.43 
 Listing / Seller / Price US$87                            Listing / Seller / Price US$5.99
Listing  / Seller / Price US$11.95
(the photo is from this blog)                          Listing / Seller / Price US$6.58
Listing / Seller / Price US$26.89 for 2 boxes                                                          .
Listing / Seller / Price US$5.45  
   Listing / Seller / Price US$2.88                            Listing / Seller / Price US$19.96
.                                                                              (there are cheaper ones)
 Link / Seller / Price US$8.90                        Link / Seller / Price US$9.89
Link / Seller / Price US$8.99

I really like this things but im not going to but anything