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I really: want this things

In this post im sharing things i really want to buy,
most of them are basics that i would wear and use every day.

Right now im sick and i like thinking about this because its like
''when im better im going to go out and wear cute clothes 
and have fun with people and eat yummy food and feel lovely''
which is exactly what i cant to at the moment..
but in encourages me to take care of myself.
 Mate liquid vegan lipsticks in Spellbook (pink) and ZomBettie (red)
Unfortunately i have no idea where the Dali wristwach and the moon necklace are from, 
and the ''F*ck off'' necklace is out of stock..

This is it, i have fever and cant think about anything else,
when i feel better im going to make a video about my new hair colour and how i did it.