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I got this: Lovely things online II

Being sick is not only about feeling awful and having fever.. you get to watch a lot of movies, 
drink a lot of tea, stay in bed and shop online as much as you can, 
in my case this is the second online shopping haul as a result of my flu (first part).
They are 8 things in total and i didnt want to put them all in one post.
Neo Lucky Clover Brown contact lenses from Honeycolor US$25.52
After searching for a pair of honey brown contact lenses i fell in love with these,
they look natural, the size is normal, they dont have a defined outer ring
and they seem to blend beautifully with the natural eye colour.
I bought them in plano (no prescription) and i think they will look great
with the next hair colour im going to have.

This necklace is super cute and cheap so i bought it.
I already have jewelry from this seller and i recomend it to you, 
they have cute stuff for great prices.
T-shirt from Rosewholesale US$6.05
I have no idea what is this t-shirt is made of, its lovely and so ugly i love it.
The flowers are super weird i cant wait to see how it looks in real life.

Boots from Rosewholesale US$20.73
These shoes are a copy of the Coltrane Boots by jeffrey campbell,
which i wanted for months.. then i found this copy in rosewholesale for less than half the price
and in fake leather so after a while i finally decided i was going to buy them.
Im glad i got them because not they are out of stock.
They were in the first wishlist from Rosewholesale i made.

I going to write reviews as soon as i get them.