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I did this: super cute nails

My nails are super cute right now.
They were super easy to make and they look awesome,
this is how i made them.
What you are going to need:
-two nail polishes, a clear one and a white or beige one
-a tape with cute designs

How to do it:
(its super simple but just in case)
-base coat
-white or beige nail polish, just one coat
-cut the tape carefully
-apply in the nail, make sure there are no bubbles
-cut the excess of tape, if there is any
-apply top coat

It doesnt look that easy but it is and its lovely.
Im completely in love with my nails right now and im going to do this again.
 -Left hand-
-right hand-
-my little thumbs, left and right respectively-
I got a package of 8 cute tapes at ''Mosca'' and they are super cheap
(you can choose the package but you cant pick the tapes).