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Coming soon: fantasy coloured hair

Im going to dye my hair.
My life is going the right way now, the way i planned for so long,
and i want my hair to get in the ''i finally have what i want'' wave,
so im going to do with it as i please.

The only problem i have is the range of options,
there are so many options its overwhelming,
im in love with many colours and i cant fully decide for one..
so this post is to show you what i would like to get done
but also is a way to figure out what colour would be the best to try first.
 Pastel pink
-i wont look ''too pink'' because the only pink thing
i have is the sweater i bought from sheinside (you can see it here)
-it will probably fade beautifully into a peach/blonde colour
-the dye will go away leaving almost no colour,
so i can dye it again without having to bleach
-i can buy fucsia semi-permanent dye and mix it with hair conditioner,
the dye will last for a long time, so it is a lovely and unexpensive colour
-the brown roots will be super noticiable
-the colour is so light i will have to dye it very often
-it might make my skin look weird
-i will have to wear a lipstick and a blush that goes well with the hair
and doesnt make me look too pale or too pink.
-its a fantasy colour but it isnt as shocking as other unnatural colours,
i can totally rock it and still blend in as a normal person
-so it wont be such a problem to get a job with this colour
-when it fades i can dye it again in any colour because it will be white
-i can buy violet hair dye to get this colour
-i can dye it silver afterwards
-i will have to bleach my hair to white to dye it without ending up with
orange or yellow patches or areas with no dye
-bleaching it so much will damage it a lot
-the roots will be super noticeable
 Dark magenta to dark fucsia
-its a super cute convination but for me its more mature than the pastel pink hair
-i will only have to bleach my hair until its blonde or orange, not until its ash blonde
-the roots will blend with the dye and will not be dramatic, they might even look nice
-my hair is short so the change of colours might not look as cute and soft as i think
-i need two different dyes and i cant dilute them, so this will be kinda expensive with time
-its something i think would be great to get if i wanted to grow my natural hair again
but might not be the change i need right now
-i think it would make my skin look more pink and alive for some reason
-i can dye my hair without having to bleach it a lot, yellow hair will be enough
-its a lovely pastel colour that i dont see that often, at least not as much as pink or liliac
-the brow roots might actually look good with the green hair
-i can buy green dye and dilute it with conditioner
-no make up and hair colour clashing problems
-im afraid my clothes might not look good with this hair colour
-mint is a really specific shade of green, and i would have to mantain it a lot
-it will fade into a weird yellow
Ash Blonde fadding into pink
-its a drastic change but its not as edgy as other colours
-the blonde and pink convination is less eyecatching
and i can hide the pink hair in a bun for work
-it will be less expensive to mantain than other colours
-it might not look as good in my hair because its short
-i think it will look lovely with my wardrobe
-when the roots grow i will have brown, blond and pink hair all togheter
and it wont blend in at all
-i have to bleach it until its ash blonde so it will damage my hair

I dont know what im going to end up choosing but i better do it fast,
before i spend all my money in clothes or something.