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Inspiration: cozy coords

i thought about making winter coords and here they are.
I just really like doing this.. it makes me stop thinking about my worries.
The links to everything are under the photos.
Jean jumpsuit / Off duty sweatshirt / Bag
Bracelets / Boots / Coat
Mint coat / Sweater / Boots / Jeans

Featured: Modcloth

The cute things they sell in the apartament section stole my heart..
These are the things i liked the most
  Link US$11.99  / Link US$89.99
Link US$34.99  / Link US$32.99
Link US$19.99 / Link US$18.99
Link US$109.99

Site wishlist: things from Ebay

I know ebay is a platform were different sellers have their stores and making 
an ebay wishlist is kinda ambiguous.. but ebay is still the site hosting all of that so, yeah.

Everything has the link to the listing and a link to the seller, 
so if a listing has ended you can go to the store and search for the new listing,
instead of having you redirected to a dead end.
(they are all lovely so i want them all)
Listing of the purple one / Seller / Price US$8.10
Listing / Seller / US$4.99                         Listing / Seller / Price US$3.43 
 Listing / Seller / Price US$87                            Listing / Seller / Price US$5.99
Listing  / Seller / Price US$11.95
(the photo is from this blog)                          Listing / Seller / Price US$6.58
Listing / Seller / Price US$26.89 for 2 boxes                                                          .
Listing / Seller / Price US$5.45  
   Listing / Seller / Price US$2.88                            Listing / Seller / Price US$19.96
.                                                                              (there are cheaper ones)
 Link / Seller / Price US$8.90                        Link / Seller / Price US$9.89
Link / Seller / Price US$8.99

I really like this things but im not going to but anything 

I got this: Lovely things online II

Being sick is not only about feeling awful and having fever.. you get to watch a lot of movies, 
drink a lot of tea, stay in bed and shop online as much as you can, 
in my case this is the second online shopping haul as a result of my flu (first part).
They are 8 things in total and i didnt want to put them all in one post.
Neo Lucky Clover Brown contact lenses from Honeycolor US$25.52
After searching for a pair of honey brown contact lenses i fell in love with these,
they look natural, the size is normal, they dont have a defined outer ring
and they seem to blend beautifully with the natural eye colour.
I bought them in plano (no prescription) and i think they will look great
with the next hair colour im going to have.

This necklace is super cute and cheap so i bought it.
I already have jewelry from this seller and i recomend it to you, 
they have cute stuff for great prices.
T-shirt from Rosewholesale US$6.05
I have no idea what is this t-shirt is made of, its lovely and so ugly i love it.
The flowers are super weird i cant wait to see how it looks in real life.

Boots from Rosewholesale US$20.73
These shoes are a copy of the Coltrane Boots by jeffrey campbell,
which i wanted for months.. then i found this copy in rosewholesale for less than half the price
and in fake leather so after a while i finally decided i was going to buy them.
Im glad i got them because not they are out of stock.
They were in the first wishlist from Rosewholesale i made.

I going to write reviews as soon as i get them.

I really: want this things

In this post im sharing things i really want to buy,
most of them are basics that i would wear and use every day.

Right now im sick and i like thinking about this because its like
''when im better im going to go out and wear cute clothes 
and have fun with people and eat yummy food and feel lovely''
which is exactly what i cant to at the moment..
but in encourages me to take care of myself.
 Mate liquid vegan lipsticks in Spellbook (pink) and ZomBettie (red)
Unfortunately i have no idea where the Dali wristwach and the moon necklace are from, 
and the ''F*ck off'' necklace is out of stock..

This is it, i have fever and cant think about anything else,
when i feel better im going to make a video about my new hair colour and how i did it.

Featured: OneLoveNail

I saw a photo of super cute nails on tumblr, 
the source was a blog and now im completely in love with the creations posted in it.
Unlike my nails, these are probably acrilic nails or UV gel nails,
which is awesome because you get a lot of new options but its kinda scary for me
because of the bad things that could happen.. but of course you get what you pay for.
Anyway, this are some of my favourites


I added the link to the blog like a watermark on each picture,
since im sharing them and i knew the source of the photos
before making this post.. i think it was a good idea.

Inspiration: room design

Since i have a lot of free time because im sick im cleaning my room,
getting ride of useless or unnecessary things and selecting things im going to keep.
I have been thinking of renewing my room,
with some changes i can make my room lovely again.
So ive been looking through photos and tutorials i saved in my laptop
to get some cool ideas and make my room feel like a temple that inspires me.





I will add the credits for each photo slowly, because they are many,
but you can totally google search the images with the direct link.