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My view on: holidays in my family and Uruguay

We say ''felices fiestas'' which means ''happy holidays'' (''fiesta'' mainly means ''party'')
which engloves whatever you are celebrating, religious or not
or ''felices vacaciones'' literaly ''happy vacacions'' refering from december to march
and whatever you do inbetween, celebration or not.
(im going to credit this later, but you can totally google this image to know the source)
My familly and me celebrate christmas, new year and the ''Epiphany'' or ''Three Wise Men''(???
Its a really common thing in Latino America and i dont know the actual name in english.
All the holidays related things sounds really awkward to me in english,
more religious than it sounds in spanish,
even knowing the roots of the celebrations i celebrate are all catholic.

My family:
-The 8 of December we install the fairy lights and tree with ornaments.
-In christmas we give eachother presents at night and have dinner all together.
-In new year we have dinner, toast and watch the fireworks.
-In the 6 of january we leave eachother presents in the night, to open in the morning.
So we do celebrate in catholic days but dont do anything particulary religious,
aside from the obvious.

Almost all the people i know celebrate the same way,
eat a lot, share time with people, give presents and have fun.

The population of my country is mainly atheist or catholic
(there are a lot of other religions and celebrations, but with less people),
so the holidays have a heavy weight because of the catholic people
that celebrate the holidays and the families that had catholic people in them,
it had become a part of us to celebrate, even when we dont share the faith
or understanding of the world, sharing time with the people you love
is something we have in common.