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I did this: Easy strawberry tart

I made a strawberry tart after searching for a recipe that didnt make me have to get weird or not so common ingredients that you dont regulary have in your kitchen, like dragon eggs and troll teeth.
I dont know who tags a recipe as ''easy'' if it has 37 ingredients and takes you 4 hours to make.

Recipes like that make me wonder if im actually going to make 
something to eat or waking someone from the dead.
After searching for a regular recipe i found one that wasnt suspiciously difficult,
only had a few ingredients and was easy to make.

This is how i made it:
-One ''frolla'' Avanti crust
-4 tablespoons of organic sugar for the filling
and 1 tablespoon to sprinkle on top
-4 tablespoons of cornstarch
-1 and 1/4 cup of washed strawberries
chopped in small pieces

All the photos (excluding the one above) are bigger,
click them to see them in full size.
After placing the crust in the baking pan i filled it with the strawberry mixture,
bended the edges of the pie over and sprinkled sugar of top.

Cut the paper of the crust and put the baking pan in the oven, 
it was preheated for 15 minutes at 160°c 
(i would had burned it if i had cooked it how it says in the recipe).
I cooked it for an hour at the same heat, until the crust was golden brow on top,
the folded crust was cooked and the strawberries were dry.
After it was cold we ate it with vanilla ice cream.
Its sweet and a little bit sour, so when its hot it tastes weird,
let it cool and it will taste great.