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Went to: ''Bulebar''

 we were starving, no joke, our bellies were making noises, 
it was so awkward... We went to ''Bulebar'' to have lunch.
The place is full of a rockabilly, vintage and colorful vive.
You can totally get that by the logo right?
Anything you get is going to be tasty and awesome.
Just by reading everything they had i wanted to eat all they could give me.
In the menu are different sections and ''combos'' like lunch or tea for two.
They have vegetarian and vegan food, and by that i dont mean a salad section, 
they have actual vegan and vegetarian tasty food, to make your hunger go away.
The food is made in the moment for you, warm and fresh.
We had sandwiches, fries and smoothies,
i had a strawberry one and she had a peach one.

After that we went on with the busy day, but with energy and in a good mood, 
food always make us happy.