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Review: coloured-contacts-hut

This is a review of the site coloured-contacts-hut, the service, shipping time,
cuality and a comparison of the stock photos and the real life items.
This review does not reflect the site completely, since this is a personal experience,
it can only help you as a guide, to give you an idea about the site only.

The mini sclera contact lenses were not in stock
so they just shipped the other stuff and refunded the money...
i found it really annoying to be honest,
they should have contacted me asking if i wanted a refund or to get something else.
I filled the 'contact us' form about this, and they gave me a 10% OFF my next order.
Its nice they answered, they were kind and understood the problem.
Of all these things only the white mesh contact lenses are mine, 
the other items belong to my bff, the one in the photos of the halloween post.

Everything works and is just as pictured and described.
I was kinda nervous about the quality but i cant be happier about the items.
nail polish, hair dyes, body paint, makeup, lashes, etc.

 I ordered all of that and paid instantly, the items were sent the next working day.
The arriving time got delayed because of my country customs, but its not their fault.
There are different shipping options, free shipping is one of them.

I got the items in a cardboard box even when the items weren't bulky, 
everything was bubble wrapped and intact.
There was a paper with all the information about the order
and a 10%OFF coupon for other site.
-worldwide free shipping and other faster shipping options.
-super wide selection of contact lenses
-there are other things available, like makeup and hair dye
-they answer the mails really fast and are super kind
-they sell contact lenses kits
-they deliver to a lot of countries
-you can pay with paypal

-the mini sclera lenses weren't in stock because of a web site problem 
that might be a super unusual thing or might be something that happens often, i dont know.
-most of the photos of the contact lenses are not real (stock photos)
-the items that are not contact lenses are difficult to find
and will buy again, even if i didn't have the 10%OFF.
The prices are nice, the items are perfect, the shipping is good,
and they are super fast in everything.

Sorry for the bad photos, i didnt have my camera with me that day.
i was not paid to make this review and i did not get the items or shipping for free,
this review is from my point of view as a client.
I hope this was helpful..