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List of the month: Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

This list of the month is a recipe list from the channel EverydayFoodVideos.
I found Sarah's cooking channel some weeks ago, and i love it so much.
The fast and amazing food is the best for people who are just starting to learn how to cook,
or don't have much time to cook but want to eat home-made-deliciousness.
I have been watching lots of her videos nonstop.. 
my favourites are the desserts and sweet things, she has a list of sweet recipes
and im in love with them. This ''list of the month'' is going to have sweet recipes only, 
so if you are not a sweet tooth person,  make sure to check other of her recipes. 
Here are my favourites:


 Click here to watch the video.

Her recipes have the regular ingredients, but she has a list of vegetarian dishes (meatless)
Remember: almost any recipe can be changed to be vegan or vegetarian,
or to fit into other diets, so dont let that stop you from looking around her channel,
you will find some lovely recipes that can be perfect for anyone tastes, habits and diet,
if you change the ingredients you dont fancy, just like any other cooking channel.