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List of the month: Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

This list of the month is a recipe list from the channel EverydayFoodVideos.
I found Sarah's cooking channel some weeks ago, and i love it so much.
The fast and amazing food is the best for people who are just starting to learn how to cook,
or don't have much time to cook but want to eat home-made-deliciousness.
I have been watching lots of her videos nonstop.. 
my favourites are the desserts and sweet things, she has a list of sweet recipes
and im in love with them. This ''list of the month'' is going to have sweet recipes only, 
so if you are not a sweet tooth person,  make sure to check other of her recipes. 
Here are my favourites:


 Click here to watch the video.

Her recipes have the regular ingredients, but she has a list of vegetarian dishes (meatless)
Remember: almost any recipe can be changed to be vegan or vegetarian,
or to fit into other diets, so dont let that stop you from looking around her channel,
you will find some lovely recipes that can be perfect for anyone tastes, habits and diet,
if you change the ingredients you dont fancy, just like any other cooking channel.

My view on: American Horror Story (spoilers-long post)

My favourite at the moment is Coven.
The strong powerful and independient female characters are something i needed for years..
and finally here they are, with they magestic personalities, stories and ways of dealing with things.
They didnt make one interesting ''not like other girls'' character in a ocean of ''females copies''.
All of the female characters in Coven are different from each other
without making ones better than others. I admire things from all of them.
(veil photos from x)
They present the characters, the good an the bad things they have done, 
and you choose what you support and what you dont.. There is no specific evil or angel,
and i definitely cant label any of them as neither.
The witches vs voodoo war is nice, i like how the plot is unfolding,
i wish they showed more of the voodoo side though.

It was not what i expected, in a bad way.
It was painful to watch, and ended leaving questions unanswered.
Its in the bottom of the list for me, coven, murder house and asylum in that order.
I liked it but i did not love it, even after the resolutions the justice and the solved problems,
i just did not like the perpetual suffering of the characters in order to make them strong..
I liked it, thats all.
Lana banana is one of my favourite characters.

The curiosity killed the cat.
I watched the first season in less than a week, it was literally insane.
Besides all the ''white person in a horror story'' actions of some characters,
the plot twists and surprising facts were making me watch a chapter after other and other.
The human and inhumane relationships and differents sides of the characters were very interesting.
The back and forth story line, jumping trough time and reveling things when needed was perfect,
its something really caracteristical of the series, just like keeping the same cast of actors.
 Murder house is in the second in my list.

Starting from the beginning i didnt like the name of the series.
American horror story, i mean it is what it says each serie is a ''horror story'', 
the thing i dont like is the ''American''... 
America is a continent, divided in three parts, 
-sourth america with 13 countries
-central america with 7 countries  
-north america with 16 countries
Therefor i dont think its okay in any way to name a series with a continental name
when they stories are located in one country only. But it doesnt finish there,
the stories happen in the United states of America, a country known for labeling ''American''
everything they make like if the other 35 countries were non existent.
The ''USA horror story'' doesnt sound big enough or monumental you say?
maybe its because a country is not a continen but you want it to be,
 thats why it doesnt seem enough.

If you are from the USA dont take this personal,
i know there is people in there who doesnt like the ''AMERICAN MEANS ME'' attitude,
i dont intend to hurt or offend anyone by calling out something offensibe,
but thats not going to stop me even if that happens, unfair things need to be called out.

Overall and despite the title, these are one of my favourite series,
and at the moment im completely addicted to it.