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Halloween makeup by Madeyewlook

Halloween is coming and there are pumpkins, candy and costumes everywhere.
I love to go out with friends, wear a costume, extravagant makeup and dance it of
with a ton of people just as exited about the theme as me.

Its a party for everyone, all ages, all places, all of us.
Kids asking for candy and growups getting ''shine in the dark'' condoms.
I love the spooky theme, the energy and the spectation of seeing the people you know
all dressed up. Its one of my favourite days of the year.

I love seeing makeup videos for halloween, and after a lot of videos,
the extreme makeup guru of this halloween in my opinion is Madeyewlook.
Here are the makeup tutorials i like the most.

Watch the tutorial of the look below

Watch the tutorial of the look below
Watch the tutorial of the look below

Just to explane a little bit, here we have 'dia de los muertos' (day of the dead) and halloween,
the first one is to honor the dead, leave flowers in the graves and remember the nice times,
its not a carnival or as happy as in mexico, its a day to live in armony full with flowers shops everywhere.
Halloween is a day where kids go out asking for candy with costumes,
the ones that are too old for candy -you are never too old for candy in my opinion-
go out at night to theme parties with costumes, there are a lot of different parties for this day,
bars and clubs make costume contests with cool prices, its really nice.

One of my best friends and i have been thinking about our costumes, and after thalking,
drinking tea and watching lots of videos we decided what to do and what to get,
but i will talk about that later.

This little bat in the collages is made by Jennifer Davis
her the paintings are lovely, please go check the blog.