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Wondering around: Cute things i saw

I was wondering at the shopping center, looking for a cup for my father and waiting for a friend
and saw these cute things.

I love Melissa's models, they are lovely <3
There is a kind, color and model of Melissa shoes for every ocation and style.
I had the ones in the left in black, my sister has the ones in the right in black
and i want the ones in the middle with the velvety bows in gray.
I only find the flats to be confortable enough to walk all day long,
after wearing the wedge heels in the left i had awful pains and blisters,
but i own another pair of melissa heels (red maryjanes) 
and they are not the best i have ever had but they are not the worst neither.
The flats are a dream come true, confortable, lovely, water proof and unexpensive,
i hightly recomend them for everyone.

This collection of cups and teapots in pastel colors with adorable designs
Here you can see the design of some of them, the price was around USA$3 dolars each
(the value of dolars is different acording to the country,
just by exchanging the price i cant say if thats expencive or cheap) 
This teapot, i adore clever designs, i have never seen this before, absolutely love it.
Chopsticks with different designs, there were a lot of them and most of them were
different so it was impossible to show you all of them on one photo only.
The blue ones are the ones i liked the most. 

This post was not deep nor special, but i wanted to share this with you.