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Coming soon: Henna paste Tattoo

I was on tumblr some days ago and saw this photo of a girl with a mandala in her back and i loved it,
when i was a child i had a dolphin on my shoulder -i know.. don't judge little girls-
made with henna paste and when i saw this photo i wanted to have one of those tattoos again.
I wanted something like that, made with henna paste, and when i started looking for designs, i gave up to the idea of having an actual mandala in my back, because it has nothing to do with me, im not from that culture or religions and i find having a simbol about something i dont belong to or i dont belive in disrespectful.

So i started looking for other circular designs that i felt alright with and in the wikipedia page about mandalas i saw a circular window from a church, and i remembered the gothic churches in Spain.
After loking a few of them the one that i liked the most is the circular window from the notredame church.
I've seen some other designs that are more simple, but still really nice..
I have a month or more until the henna paste arrives so i will keep searching for something 
i really like and want to have in my skin for some weeks.
Now about the henna paste, natural henna is an extract from plants mixed with esential oils that leaves color stains, red, green, orange and brown are the natural henna colors. They are used as hair dye, to make temporal tattoos and as food coloring, but its not the same henna paste than the one you put in food the one for the hair or for tattoos.

The non natural henna is dangerous, the black henna color is not natural and other colors (like the natural ones) can be mixed with chemicals, so please take care of your skin and only use natural henna.
Making a henna tattoo is like piping royal icing on cookies, you need a really good pulse, some technique and time. The paste smells really good, it dries and you have to leave it on for an hour or more, the more you leave it on, the deeper the color will be, and with time the color will fade. There is no pain, blood or permanent designs, its natural and doesnt have negative effects on the skin. I really want to get one again, lets see what i come up with...